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St John Paul II's

Evangelium Vitae - The Gospel of Life

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March 25, 1995 

On the culture of death in our society...


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Bishops’ Message Affirming Life

The recent passage of disturbing new abortion laws in New York State and public comments from Virginia political leaders has properly raised the public debate on abortion and the rights of the unborn and now born.

The following is a statement in response to these events by Archbishop Leonard P. Blair of the Archdiocese of Hartford, Bishop Frank J. Caggiano of the Bridgeport Diocese, Bishop Michael R. Cote of the Norwich Diocese and the Most Reverend Paul P. Chomnycky, OSBM, Ukrainian Eparchy of Stamford.

February 7, 2019

Dear Friends in Christ:

On January 22, 2019, Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York signed into law the Reproductive Health Act (RHA), a tragic abortion expansion bill which allows for the killing of an unborn child until birth as a “fundamental” right. Safeguards that previously protected those infants accidentally born alive during an abortion have also been repealed under this new law. Other provisions of this unjust law also place the lives of women in jeopardy by allowing abortions to be performed by non-physicians at the discretion of the abortionist and prevent prosecution for an attack on an unborn child through criminal acts of violence or coerced abortion.

Other states such as Rhode Island, Virginia, and New Mexico are now trying to pass similar legislation.

We, the Catholic Bishops of Connecticut, unequivocally denounce such legislation and all legislation that allows the direct taking of human life at any stage of development, especially in the womb. We uphold the Church’s unchanging teaching that affirms every human life to be unique, precious, and a gift from God. It is a basic human right that every life be protected from the moment of conception to natural death.

At a time when we should be working together to better safeguard all lives and find common ground in our increasingly polarized society the New York law makes late term abortion more available by adopting an absolutist “pro-choice” position that is unacceptable and should speak to the conscience of all those who value life.

As a community of faith, we must continue to take a stand for our most vulnerable brothers and sisters in the womb and their mothers, who are often coerced and pressured into making choices against the life they carry. They need our prayers, support and accompaniment to help them choose life, especially when they face any difficulties during pregnancy.

For those who have undergone an abortion, the church stands ready to assist with healing and reconciliation through a variety of means, including Project Rachel, a program which manifests the forgiveness and mercy of God.

As we continue this struggle, we can remain confident that everything is in the hands of God, who sees all, who judges justly, and from whose hand no one can be snatched away—especially an innocent unborn child.

Committed to prayer, education, advocacy and acts of reparation for the millions of lives already lost through abortion, we invite you to join us to serve as witnesses of the truth and defenders of human life in our society.

With every best wish and prayer, we remain,






the evenings of March 3rd and 4th

featuring Ken Yasinski - guest speaker

Fullness of Purpose parish mission is designed specifically to help re-evangelize the baptized. It was created to help participants encounter Jesus Christ, and become his faithful disciple. 

It involves:

  • Two Day Parish Mission: a talked followed by musical Eucharistic Adoration each evening
  • Follow-Up Program: six video sessions designed to build upon the mission experience
  • Optional Leadership Training: equipping parish leaders on how to host the follow up program

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"New" The Bible Project Program

Week One - The New Testment Overview

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We, the faithful of Brookfield, CT, grateful for our abundant blessings and for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives, are a community of prayer focused on the Corporal Works of Mercy,  We endeavor to generously share our faith and faithfully witness to God’s love, compassion and mercy. As a family of believers we are united in the Eucharist. When we share the Word and celebrate the sacraments, grace transforms us into the Body of Christ. As individuals we strive to imitate the life of Christ. The Holy Spirit is calling each of us to serve the community of Brookfield through the vocation of married or single life, consecrated or ordained life. We rely on the gifts of the Holy Spirit, in union with the Universal Church to bear fruitful works of charity and justice, in advancing God’s Kingdom here on earth. Email us



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...supports families in our community each  month. Helping Another Live (HAL) is our  ongoing food drive that collects non-perishable foods, personal care and other items for the food pantry run by the Brookfield Social Services department. Yellow “HAL Bags” are available each week at the church entrances.  Can you help us by making a donation? Our mission is to Build Community, and this effort is one of the major ways we do this!!






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