Monday October 9 - Week 27

The readings today focus on commitment of the faithful. We accept the potential benefits of being a Christian, (unconditional love and forgiveness and heaven) but are we willing to walk the walk as they say, in our day to day lives - it is there that our faith plays itself out. 

God commands Jonah to preach the message of repentance to the people of Nineveh but he ran away and tried to hide from him. God had other plans as we shall see tomorrow. You can run but you cannot hide from God. It's like trying to run from your shadow - exhausting and fruitless. 

In the Gospel Jesus is asked a question about how to gain entry into heaven and he answered it succinctly by summarizing the 10 commandments with love God (1-3) and neighbor (7-10). Then he was asked who is neighbor. Jesus responded with the classic story of the good Samaritan who cared for the person for the sake of the need not the glory. In this parable we learn that all who are in need are our neighbor. 


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