Friday October 6 - Week 26

Our readings today cause us to reflect about the fruit we have produced from the great gift of faith we have been given.  Jesus says "Woe to you" to two towns, Chorazin and Bethsaida, who had personally witnessed his ministry and miracles and still rejected him. Then he goes on to compare them to Tyre and Sidon who although they were not Hebrews, they listened to him and were receptive to his words... He said it would be better for them on the Day of Judgement then for some of the Chosen Ones in Bethdaida and Chorazin.

I always recognize faith as a blessing, a gift that I (and presumably we) have been given.  Chances are if you are reading this blog there is a spark of faith within you that has brought you here as opposed to, say the USA Today blog on current events for example. Where do we fit into this story?  Are we represented by any of the towns that Jesus refers to in his comments or are we standing behind him in support and committed service?  How do we avoid the "Woe?"


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